Dispute Resolution

We can take the pain out of disputes for you by being that independent voice…..

Dispute resolution is the process of resolving disputes or conflicts between parties. It can take many forms, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Expert witnesses are professionals who provide independent, impartial, and expert testimony in legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution procedures. They are appointed to assist a court or tribunal in understanding complex technical or scientific evidence, and to provide impartial evidence based on their specialized knowledge and experience. Expert witnesses are usually appointed by one of the parties involved in the dispute and their role is to provide evidence to help resolve the dispute. In some cases, an expert witness may be jointly appointed by both parties. The use of expert witnesses can be crucial in resolving disputes, as they provide impartial and objective analysis to support the decision-making process.

We are committed to assisting our clients achieving a quick and amicable resolution of such matters before they become a formal and adversarial dispute, in so doing reducing costs and speed of resolution and keeping brand reputation intact. We endeavour to achieve our Client’s objectives insofar as may be possible, whether we are instructed by an Employer, Main Contractor or Subcontractor.

We are committed to support their clients in avoiding conflict and facilitating early resolution to potential disputes. We act as enablers between contracting through the use of early intervention techniques to support the  quick  and effective resolution of disagreements before they escalate into formal dispute and thus reduce the financial and reputational costs often associated with traditional forms of dispute resolution.

It is often inevitable that on complex construction contracts that claims arise for additional time and money and disputes arise from the inability to reach a swift conclusion. We are available to offer strategic advice to support and manage contentious issues, to provide the best possible outcome on a negotiated settlement basis.

How we can help with dispute resolution:

  • Detailed investigation works
  • Identify and establish contractual entitlement
  • Drafting the necessary narratives.
  • Claim documents preparation.
  • Identify the appropriate delay analysis using our specialist delay resource
  • Quantum assessment.
  • Referral to specialist construction lawyers
  • Assist with the preparation of adjudication and /or mediation or acting as part representatives
  • Expert Witness services