Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

Our team are experts in construction and civil engineering projects.

Our first-class team and our rigorous cost control systems ensure that value is exceeded for every client. Using our LIRA method, we develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s objectives and needs, aligning ourselves with these shared objectives and we proactively manage our client’s requirements, from initial feasibility to final account, to ensure predictable outcomes for our client’s, irrespective of size.     

In performing our specialist role, we apply our knowledge and expertise to the financial and contractual aspects of the project, while our clients can concentrate on operational aspects. By doing so, we can protect our clients from poor cashflow and un-recovered losses associated with change, delays and disruption that can arise when they are focused on delivering the project or scheme.

At Cantidad, we like to help make cost management and quantity surveying simple.

Cost management involves the planning, control, and management of a construction project’s financial resources to ensure that the project is completed within budget and to the required quality. This involves the development of a budget, tracking actual costs, and adjusting as necessary.

Quantity surveying, on the other hand, involves the measurement, evaluation, and control of the costs of construction works. This includes estimating the cost of the works, negotiating with contractors, preparing contracts and bills of quantities, and administering payment claims.

Both cost management and quantity surveying play a critical role in ensuring that construction projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality. Effective cost management and quantity surveying can help to minimise waste, improve value for money, and ensure that projects are delivered on a sustainable basis. In conclusion, cost management and quantity surveying are interrelated disciplines that work together to ensure that construction projects are delivered efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

How we can help you with Cost Management & Quantity Surveying:

  • Review and negotiation of contract documents and identification of key risks
  • Drafting, preparation and negotiating contract and subcontract documents
  • Development of procurement and contract strategies for tendering and delivery
  • Management of tender queries including the preparation and submission of responses
  • Tender assessment and validation services
  • Feasibility costing and high level cost estimation
  • Benchmarking of rates and prices
  • Independent cost auditing
  • Commercial administration, including preparation and delivery of contract notices.
  • Commercial administration, including preparation and delivery of contract notices.
  • Preparation of interim applications for payment.
  • Valuation of variations and compensation events.
  • Agreement of final accounts.
  • Preparation of sub-contract interim payments.
  • Agreement of sub-contract accounts.